Fortunately, we will remain 24 hour access. But as you can expect, there will be a "NEW" normal at the facility. There will be expectations for our staff, as well as our members.

Moving forward, here are some of things we will be doing to maintain the club to the best of our ability:


  • Four times a day, we will be disinfecting the following: all dumbbells - barbells - attachments - door handles - light switches - bathroom fixtures - railings - and other often touched items

  • Per our normal cleaning policies, we will be wiping down equipment pads, knobs and handles, as well as all cardio several times a day

  • There is a chain across the opening between the front desk and the computer desk area. No members beyond this point

Here are a few changes that are mandated by the state, as well as some things we have decided to implement

  • No showers

  • No water fountain

  • No remote controls for the TV's

  • Functional training room is NOT open

  • Desk hours will be from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday and 9-12 Saturday

  • Tanning will be open during desk hours

  • Some equipment has been removed or marked to enable a six foot spacing

  • All cardio equipment will be used via every other one (skipping) to ensure distance

This is what we expect from our members:

  1. Maintain social distancing every chance you get

  2. ALL members must wipe down the equipment you use. Fortunately, this is a routine that most of our members already subscribe to

  3. Wash hands often

  4. Stay home if you are not feeling well

  5. Masks are NOT mandatory, but they are recommended by the CDC

  6. Be respectful of other peoples space

Our number one priority is to protect our staff and members, as well as make everyone feel comfortable when inside the gym. All decisions moving forward will be based on meeting those objectives. We are positive that with our members help, we can return to some sense of normal without repercussions.

Look forward to seeing everyone in the gym!


Tom and Karen